Saturday, December 13, 2008

The 2008 Story Chapter 10 - a lotta going on.....

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There’s such a “lotta” goin’ on Behind the Monkey…………

She’s got a “lotta time” (aka watch, get it??? te he he…)

on her hands………….

Combining repurposed, vintage and new supplies to create one of a kind rings, cufflinks, neck or wrist pieces. Old watch movements, some complete with 17 jewels. …..merge with the likes of antique keys, bright pink rose buds (No! silly not real roses…don’t be a monkey) brass stampings or maybe amusement coin tokens to become the “perfect piece”.

Thanks be to our friends at the Sunday Times who recognized how fabulous Lotta’s cufflinks were and displayed them in their glory in last week’s gift guide, we’ve been busy taking orders on them…..ring us soon if you’d like a pair for Christmas or pop into store to see Lotta’s full range.

The KISS principle. Keep It Simply Sophisticated.

Simply stunning hand formed sterling silver domed pendants dressed with a little corrugation or a textured hand hammered surface – or ancient chainmaille techniques in necklaces peppered with Swarkovski crystals or contemporized with rubber and silver. She deserves a kiss.


PINCH & SPOON…..(we do so love that name)…..deconstructs, molds, folds, stitches, pleats, tears, frays, designs the divine – her collars are have to haves, her neckpieces in muslins, silks and cottons will just about pinch your spoon!!!!!!!

Get yourself a “Fred Pet”…………FRED SUICIDE

One of the Monkey’s favourite artists - New art toys in store now – little miniature light bulb men on computer mother boards – oh and a rabbit head on a lovely ladies legs (??!!) – oh and eyeball dinasours………………….and brand brand new from Fred Suicide are the wonderful vintage pastel knitting needle rings – in mens sizes too! Fred! Oh Fred! where have you been?


Dancing on the page…………..(not us – hum…we dance elsewhere) STUART REID…….that’s what he’s been doing with archival ink pens in a unique abstract style often inspired by music. Stuart plays with the mind’s need to impose patterns and interpret meaning. Beautiful, exuberant and different!


Cinder’s rocking this Christmas…don’t expect to be home by 12 when you’re wearing CINDEROCKER
Balls of silver – and oh so charming! Have them dancing on your wrists and watch the magic happen……….


We’re also giving you the finger – and the thumb……(someone has to – you deserve it).
A hand to a wall fixing – a contemporary practical hook for your bits and bobs. Give someone the thumbs up! ……or give them a finger for Christmas!!!!

Like we says…..there’s a whole lotta goin’ on at Behind the Monkey.

Steampunk At Behind The Monkey

In the press - Sunday Times Magazine interview with the talented Charlotte from Lotta.

Lotta's steampunk range is available only from Behind The Monkey.

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Monday, December 8, 2008

In the Press

As featured in the Sunday Times Magazine Gift Giving Guide.