Saturday, December 13, 2008

The 2008 Story Chapter 10 - a lotta going on.....

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There’s such a “lotta” goin’ on Behind the Monkey…………

She’s got a “lotta time” (aka watch, get it??? te he he…)

on her hands………….

Combining repurposed, vintage and new supplies to create one of a kind rings, cufflinks, neck or wrist pieces. Old watch movements, some complete with 17 jewels. …..merge with the likes of antique keys, bright pink rose buds (No! silly not real roses…don’t be a monkey) brass stampings or maybe amusement coin tokens to become the “perfect piece”.

Thanks be to our friends at the Sunday Times who recognized how fabulous Lotta’s cufflinks were and displayed them in their glory in last week’s gift guide, we’ve been busy taking orders on them…..ring us soon if you’d like a pair for Christmas or pop into store to see Lotta’s full range.

The KISS principle. Keep It Simply Sophisticated.

Simply stunning hand formed sterling silver domed pendants dressed with a little corrugation or a textured hand hammered surface – or ancient chainmaille techniques in necklaces peppered with Swarkovski crystals or contemporized with rubber and silver. She deserves a kiss.


PINCH & SPOON…..(we do so love that name)…..deconstructs, molds, folds, stitches, pleats, tears, frays, designs the divine – her collars are have to haves, her neckpieces in muslins, silks and cottons will just about pinch your spoon!!!!!!!

Get yourself a “Fred Pet”…………FRED SUICIDE

One of the Monkey’s favourite artists - New art toys in store now – little miniature light bulb men on computer mother boards – oh and a rabbit head on a lovely ladies legs (??!!) – oh and eyeball dinasours………………….and brand brand new from Fred Suicide are the wonderful vintage pastel knitting needle rings – in mens sizes too! Fred! Oh Fred! where have you been?


Dancing on the page…………..(not us – hum…we dance elsewhere) STUART REID…….that’s what he’s been doing with archival ink pens in a unique abstract style often inspired by music. Stuart plays with the mind’s need to impose patterns and interpret meaning. Beautiful, exuberant and different!


Cinder’s rocking this Christmas…don’t expect to be home by 12 when you’re wearing CINDEROCKER
Balls of silver – and oh so charming! Have them dancing on your wrists and watch the magic happen……….


We’re also giving you the finger – and the thumb……(someone has to – you deserve it).
A hand to a wall fixing – a contemporary practical hook for your bits and bobs. Give someone the thumbs up! ……or give them a finger for Christmas!!!!

Like we says…..there’s a whole lotta goin’ on at Behind the Monkey.

Steampunk At Behind The Monkey

In the press - Sunday Times Magazine interview with the talented Charlotte from Lotta.

Lotta's steampunk range is available only from Behind The Monkey.

Click on the photo to read the full article.....

Monday, December 8, 2008

In the Press

As featured in the Sunday Times Magazine Gift Giving Guide.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


“It should be a jungle.”
“Nah…doesn’t matter….trees is trees….jungle, forest, what’s the difference?”
“The difference dear sweet Keeper…is that jungles have monkeys, forests have woodland fairies, bambis and the like….it should be a jungle!”
“Yeah, but Christmas doesn’t really happen in a jungle”.
“How do you know?”
“I know these things – that’s why I’m the Keeper. And besides I say it’s a forest. A Christmas forest, so that’s how it is.”

Sulks in the air. Sits on keester. Sulks some more.

“Aww come on Monkey” speaking gently now, cajoling almost cooing…. “It looks so beautiful – everything isn’t always about you. Christmas should be about all things….come have a look.”

Takes Monkey’s hand and pulls gently. Persuasively. Monkey reluctantly from underneath brow looks at the window with breath held tight.

“I guess it looks ok”.

Monkey 2 – the creative spark and Monkey 3 – the sparkly Gem smiled. “It’s magic” they whispered to each other.

Monkey explored. There are tiny reindeers on a twig blossomed rainbow dancing in miniature. A golden plum puddin’ tree (yes they really do exist). Travel your eyes across the gold brick wall with precious pebbles on dried lotus and rose pourri embracing gold dusted gems, jewellery and ornaments to Adorn Thyself! A baby bambi with white spots and a magic tree necklace protected by a massive Prancer (Oh Deer!) cross dressed underneath huge masculine antlers with brass chandelier earrings….(well it can happen at Christmas time!)…and the woodland faerie…twigs and blossoms and some sort of Christmas shine with tulle covered wings……

All ready to transport you dear shopper into a wonderland of Christmas!

Come See.
Come See.
Come See.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Passage - A Walking Exhibition

Catch innovative window installations and designs as Curtin University Fashion Merchandising students work with retailers on Beaufort Street as part of a new community project kicked off by the Beaufort Street Network.

The Beaufort Street Network is a new community organisation for people who love the unique vibrancy, lifestyle and retail nature of the strip– and are committed to making it even better.

Working to the theme “Passage: a walking exhibition”, nine groups of Curtin students have been asked to work with retailers to develop innovative window displays – which show both creative flair but also includes the retail store’s particular products.

This is a great initiative which provides a practical and hands on opportunity for students to learn about display merchandising and project management, while also bringing together retailers and developing a sense of community.

The community project will be kicked off at a special evening launch on the Street on Thursday evening, 23rd October at Billie and Rose from 6pm and end at Headturners hairdressers where the winner for best overall window display will be announced at 9:30.

The walking exhibition will run for two weeks until Wednesday 5th of November.

The stores participating in the project include: Planet Video; Libertine; Behind the Monkey; Ruck Rover; Test tube; Headturners; Ware; Baker and Shuhandler; and Billie and Rose.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Irony Of The Lightbulb Series By Fred Suicide

As featured in the West Weekend magazine, Behind the Monkey is delighted to display a mix of Fred’s smaller Toy Art Sculptures.

About the Series

The light bulb – invented by Humphrey Davy (although some say Thomas Edison) has, through mass world consumption, become a recycling issue in itself.
Fred finds he can breathe a new life into light bulbs that have suicided on the rubbish heap using lego men that have suffered long and hard in the playroom……..such a bright idea!

About The Artist

perth – western australia

(born in Sydney; raised in Lebanon, Fred Suicide left Tripoli to study abroad at the age of 18 and after living in Sweden and California, settled in Perth six years ago.)

Fred has been experimenting with the amazing art form of transforming and sculpturing used and discarded toys after switching career paths from engineering a few years back. He has no formal art training but has adapted the skills learnt over the years while studying engineering to create his artworks.

Fred’s toys reflect Australia’s recycling culture. He has spent hours at the tip, at garage sales and can often be found in an op-shop on the fringes of Perth looking for pieces of Lego and other toys that have been rejected by past owners. In a dedicated quest to reuse and re-invent he will often go to the lengths of mixing his own epoxy from discarded glues – or melting down the wax from cheese wheels – using springs from watches, a head from a dinosaur with the hair from a Barbie………so wonderfully weird they play with your head!

Singing in the shower!

In store now! This cool little shower radio was featured in The West Australian Magazine this weekend. It's the Lexon Rubber Radio - water resistant, AM or FM tuning for $99.00

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chaos & Drama

Selected pics from the Chaos & Drama Book & Exhibition Launch on 19th September featuring the work of photographer Seng Mah.

Photographs by Brett Dorron and David Savage


Exhibition running until 12th October 2008 in the Cracked Gallery.


"Monkey's don't live in Greece" sighed Keeper.
"So". said the Monkey
"Seng Mah tells me that Greece is a place where nothing is as it seems".

“I, THE MONKEY, want to go there - expose myself to an environment which is wonderfully and richly unfamiliar".

Keeper thought to herself that she exposed herself each day to an environment which was also wonderfully and richly unfamiliar - try working in a store with a Monkey!

"Talk about Chaos and Drama" she muttered out loud.

"That's what I'm talking about Keeper - Chaos and Drama - Seng's photographic exhibition and exploration of the rich, chaotic tapestry of Greek life. Photographs that are less about the external landscape of Greece and more about his internal feelings of isolation and loneliness while traveling solo and how he reacted to these travel experiences. Seng has a way of revealing the unexpected in his images and it looks so different............"

"the individual stories, characters and landscapes that he has drawn out in these images show the powerful emotions that emerge from traveling around Athens, Crete and the Cycladic Islands - it reveals a different side to this land - and - I, THE MONKEY –

-want to experience it too......"

(……and I, the Keeper will enjoy a drink on opening night – see attached invitation and I’m about to RSVP now to Seng! Phew!)