Sunday, October 5, 2008

Chaos & Drama

Selected pics from the Chaos & Drama Book & Exhibition Launch on 19th September featuring the work of photographer Seng Mah.

Photographs by Brett Dorron and David Savage


Exhibition running until 12th October 2008 in the Cracked Gallery.


"Monkey's don't live in Greece" sighed Keeper.
"So". said the Monkey
"Seng Mah tells me that Greece is a place where nothing is as it seems".

“I, THE MONKEY, want to go there - expose myself to an environment which is wonderfully and richly unfamiliar".

Keeper thought to herself that she exposed herself each day to an environment which was also wonderfully and richly unfamiliar - try working in a store with a Monkey!

"Talk about Chaos and Drama" she muttered out loud.

"That's what I'm talking about Keeper - Chaos and Drama - Seng's photographic exhibition and exploration of the rich, chaotic tapestry of Greek life. Photographs that are less about the external landscape of Greece and more about his internal feelings of isolation and loneliness while traveling solo and how he reacted to these travel experiences. Seng has a way of revealing the unexpected in his images and it looks so different............"

"the individual stories, characters and landscapes that he has drawn out in these images show the powerful emotions that emerge from traveling around Athens, Crete and the Cycladic Islands - it reveals a different side to this land - and - I, THE MONKEY –

-want to experience it too......"

(……and I, the Keeper will enjoy a drink on opening night – see attached invitation and I’m about to RSVP now to Seng! Phew!)

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