Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Monkey Has A New Cyber Treehouse!!

The Monkey's TOTALLY AWESOME jungle relatives, the LEO Lions, have hunted the internet jungle and pounced upon our new website!
Thanks to all that were keeping up to date here at Blogspot, we have now moved the blog to the website, along with other great content and info. So from here on in, keep up to date with everything from Behind The Monkey at
Hope you swing by.............

Sunday, October 24, 2010

In The Press - Asher Keddie

As seen in the Sunday Times Magazine 24th October.

Stylist: Claire Davies with Amelia D’Orsogna.   Photography: Karin Calvert

Asher Keddie wearing (left) Beth Allen Bracelet $550 and
(right) Moshiko Origami Bracelet with Resin & Sterling Silver $1000
In Store Now……………..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guy Sebastian Blew it in Style.......................

Guy Sebastian’s redeemed himself and retained a certain cool even after his infamous ‘Blew Me” slip up on X Factor – by wearing a Feather Pendant from Alister Yiap’s Malachi Collection

Friday, October 1, 2010

You can leave your hat on Miranda Green...............Yes...Yes...Yes....

Familiar words penned by Randy Newman and sung by Joe Cocker in those famous gravel tones but............put into practice by Miranda Green.

Behind the Monkey will be hosting a morning tea opening for Miranda on
Saturday 9th October between 10.30am-12.30pm  and all are welcome.

A self taught local West Australian Milliner who produces original designs of truly authentic headwear, Miranda Green is driven by the need to create for its own sake & motivated by the desire to produce items of beauty & integrity. Miranda’s work is highly sought after in Europe and America and she has worked tirelessly on her art form and integrating it into all areas of her life.

After the publishing in 2006 of her own book “A Milliner’s Tale”, Miranda has recently been approached by a Japanese publisher based in Tokyo. Presenting as a 20th Anniversary edition to celebrate the art of Millinery he invited Miranda to be a guest artist in the publication in recognition of her world standard work.  Available in Japan and throughout the world the book “Hats in Japan” has been added to Japanese libraries for the contribution it has made in documenting this fine craft.

Miranda Green’s practice reaches in multifaceted ways outwards and far past the art of hat making with even the photography used in her book being  an extension of her work and integrating emotionally with the creation it displays.  Importantly too, she explains that she strives to be original in design as well as ethical in all her work practices.

“As a business person of the 3rd millennium I have a responsibility to the wider community to act in the interests of all”

And she has, this textile artist is exploring the medium of expression both joyfully and with an inquiring heart by completing the first stage of The Lionheart Project Charity as a receptacle for her works.

The aim is to teach her contemporary millinery craft to Tibetan Refugee’s in India and then to on sell these items into Western markets to fund ongoing ethical workshops in the developing world.

Miranda Green is putting her vision into motion and it is planned that all future designs will be produced through The Lionheart Project. However Behind the Monkey is delighted to showcase a full body of work hand constructed by Miranda herself predominantly in stitched construction and flat pattern design methods. Her magnificent haute couture millinery, with its sculptured shapes, delicious colour combinations, exotic beading and beautifully textured flowers and leaves, will be on show in a stunning window exhibition at the store opening on Saturday 9th October through to Sunday 17th October.

These beautiful hats are fragments of heaven and delicately stitched Objects D’Art and are not to be missed as they will be available to purchase.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mania Mania

Melanie Kamsler and Tamila Purvis, co creators of Mania Mania, which is described 
as an intriguing, earthy and moodily beautiful jewellery label by columnist and 
friend Indigo Clarke, have released their 2nd collection ‘DUST’ for Summer 2010.
For Indigo’s full interview please visit -

and at Garance dore the beautiful Tamila.........

To view the collection visit Behind the Monkey – in store now!

‘Dust’ visits the iconography of ancient Egypt and the evolving aesthetic, mood and music 
of pop deity David Bowie.  Inspirations are derived directly from the icon – 
an image of a young Bowie dressed as a Sphinx in 1969 by photographer Brian Ward, 
the fabled story of how the colour of one eye was changed when he was hit in the eye by a hand 
with a heavy ring, his alleged fascination with Egyptology, aspects of the film ‘Labyrinth’, 
and lyrics from the song ‘Rebel, Rebel’. 
The occult symbolism of eye motifs, hieroglyphics, pyramids and crystal balls transcend and
unexpectedly combine with the candid nature of pop.  

Two short films featuring Bambi Northwood-Blyth and directed by 
Fiona McGee encapsulate the mood and spirit of the collection.

Afterlife Cuff & Perception Bangle

Kingdom Ring & Immortal Ring

In the Press - Mania Mania Bangle

Sunday Times Magazine - Tribal Warrior Feature 26.09.2010

Mania Mania Bangle $390 - In Store

Introducing to Behind the Monkey – Artistic Alloys by Sonya Kelly

Sonya Kelly’s emotive designs are representative of her own individual style 
and her trust in her own creative freedom.
All of her creations come from the heart and echo romanticism, 
leaving the impression that the piece could have been created over a century ago.  
A little piece of dug up treasure, an heirloom in the making.
Sonya has a great passion for pearls and adores giving them a rock and roll edge a
nd loves that her latest collection is a fusion of yesterday and today, 
delving on her personal passion for antique jewellery.
Using only precious metals, diamonds, precious and semi precious gemstones and pearls 
from around the world she is influenced and inspired by nature, life experience, 
the people she meets, antiques, medieval themes, tatoos and fellow artists! 
If Guinevere were alive today she would be adorning herself with Artistic Alloys..........
In store now............


The beautiful and renowned Faberge eggs designed for the last Russian Empress
and gifted to her family and friends are saluted in this magnificent collection
of tiny enamelled locket pendants at Behind the Monkey. 
Named in honour of the original recipients – LouLou and Tatiana are shown here......

Sterling silver or gilted with gold, enamelled in precious jewelled tones and adorned with precious 
stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds and fresh water pearls or marcasites they open to reveal 
a tiny compartment locket.
They are worn either on a long or short chain and can be purchased with a tiny miniature stand for 
ornamental storage.  A new collection has  just arrived in store.

The wonderful Alister Yiap is full of excitement!

At the recent WA Fashion Awards Alister took out the Fine Details Award category!  And to boot he was selected out of 100+ installations as the INSTALLATION AWARD at this year’s ART in BLOOM 2010 and...........there’s more!  A shortlist for the SOYA awards for the Industrial and Object design category.

Big congratulations Alister – well deserved!  Bananas from the Monkey for you! :)

The Malachi and Lamina collections are in store presently and watch out too for Alister’s new fine jewellery range currently in work or check out the WA Maritime Museum and for his exhibition in Beyond Garment.

In The Press - Game On!

Sunday Times Magazine feature by Claire Davies on 12.09.2010.

Peter Lang Ring $139.     Peter Lang Necklace $155.    Ottoman Necklace $255. 

Peter Lang Bangle Set $155.   Peter Lang Earrings $115.   Why Neckpiece $330.

Peter Lang Ring $89.    Ottoman Earrings $135.

Friday, August 27, 2010

In the Press - West Weekend Magazine

 As featured in The West Weekend Magazine 21.08.10 and in Store now......

Stamatea leather fringe necklace $330
Lotta Watch Necklace $250

VK Serpentine Ring $150

Neurotic – a subject of being

Andrew Hayim de Vries recent window exhibition at the store was certainly one that stopped those passing by!

“A story into the continuum”

Rhythmic, exquisitely balanced assemblage sculptures of glass and mixed media sculptures that in the past, in their journey were embraced, loved and treasured.  Being part of a person, a household, a culture, a tradition they were embraced in a union of one or the other, in time, in need , in celebration.

Then in part, discarded, damaged, rejected, lost and forgotten.  Rescued, united, ‘housed’, contained and re-united back into ‘the living space’ with acceptance, of joy, beauty and ‘maybe’ love.

It’s the material.  It’s the subject..........of being.

This exhibition at Behind the Monkey was also the prototype and first of the concept Andrew created -
“Onedashfour” = Art in Shop Front Windows 2010

The project will see a range of local artists participate in individual week-long window exhibitions to be launched each month. 
Watch for these exhibitions to be held in various shop front windows across Perth. 

And................If you missed “Neurotic – the subject of being” check out Andrew’s website
and garagemahal.

Photos Courtesy of Daniel Bruyn

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photo Shoot.........

Eddie dos Santos, fabulous fashion styler took off with a bag of mixed goodies from Behind the Monkey (Mania Mania, Why Creations and some earthy tribal treasures from the Middle East) and teamed up with the talented photographer Nicole McCluskey  to produce an amazing shoot.

The Monkey just LOVES it!

(Check out the full shoot on Nicole’s archives).

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Long Lost Secrets

Compelled to explore the concept of a wax seal and how it must break apart to reveal a secret, TMOD were inspired to allow the mystery of the Lost City of Atlantis to become a metaphor to demonstrate this.  By unearthing the relics, fossils and treasures of a Continent long lost in ancient history they appear to reveal a hidden past............

 Stunning sterling silver pendants & rings, bracelets beautifully etched with a delicate engraving...... faceted caged gemstones spinning mysteriously....... the emblem of Poseidon’s winged horse that echoes a statue said to stand in the City’s central temple....... a seal on a chain with its own wax to secure your own secret........ a compass to show the way............ the whispers of a shell that speaks stories of the lost but highly advanced civilisation that Plato spoke of as early as 335BC..............’s a secret.........and one you need to make your own......

This beautiful interactive and tactile range of collectable jewellery from the wonderfully creative TMOD team in Sydney is now available in store at Behind the Monkey.

Humanity's Team Update.........

Further to our post back in April about Humanity's Team Oneness Day Petition to the United Nations, here's a little update......

We are delighted to report that well over 50,000 names were achieved, which was the original goal.

Members of The Humanities World Wide team presented the petition to the United Nations in New York in May this year. They are looking forward to an annual Oneness Day being celebrated all around the Earth in the not too distant future..............we’ll keep you updated....

The petition is on-going. 

For further information please visit:

Monday, July 12, 2010

Willem Heyneker

One of the Monkey’s favourite jewellers, Willem Heyneker has been a busy artist of late! This beautiful neck piece made from a very old ostrich feather held fast by a shank of gilding metal and sterling silver is just one of Willem’s new collection of tribally inspired adornments. Four feathers were gifted to Willem many years ago by a gypsy friend from the Didicoite tribe in the South of England

Originally the feathers belonged to the Gypsy’s grandmother and now Willem has used them in a new range of designs taking inspiration from the ancient traditions of the tribes of old. Wishing to honour the gift itself and to celebrate the spirit of friendship in which it was given the designs take on a special meaning.

This sculptural exhibition neck piece also features one of the Didicoite feathers and an Emu breastbone dipped and plated with sterling silver and accented with red coral. Sublime!

Willem is also displaying in store the Frame within a Frame series – beautifully hand made framed necklaces made to be worn as a nod to some of the spectacular landscapes of Australian terrain – such as the Bungle Bungles and 80 Mile Beach. When not being worn they are housed in a black frame with velvet surrounds and become a magnificent artpiece for the wall.

But the really really BIG news for Willem – and for WA (he belongs to us!) – is that he has been selected as a finalist in the very prestigious Waterhouse Awards for the stunning Tingles Down My Spine exhibition piece (below) first shown in public by Behind the Monkey last year. It will stand up against national and international entries in the Award finals being held in South Australia on July 16th.

photo credit: Stefan Gossati
Quite Divine!
We wish Willem all the best, we are so excited for him. Well deserved! Be sure to pop into the store soon and check out Willem’s work.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In the Press - Watch Out!

As seen in this amazing spread in Oyster Magazine and on the shelves at Behind the Monkey!
Watch out for this brand new Triwa stock!


Photography: Elvis Di Fazio  Stylist: Bex Sheers

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Dream

Jewellery jumping onto the wall? Or Art jumping onto jewellery? Both!

Continuing the wonderfully successful Picasso-esq series by Karen Thompson and this time taking further inspiration from Picasso’s painting The Dream – check out this amazing wall plaque and statement neckpiece. Karen continues to push the series with her innovative hand or laser cut pieces in sterling silver or aluminium/titanium/brass and copper. Sculptured, riveted, layered, collectable and fabulous these pieces are a nod to the great painter and his spectacular works.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cabinets of Curiosity - Opening Invitation

Cabinets of curiosity first originated in the 16th century and were used to display objects of puzzlement and awe collected by wealthy travellers and noblemen.

Christine Lovitt's exhibition "Cabinets of Curiosity" revisits this concept and comprises a series of customised wooden cabinets filled with collections of found objects and vintage paper shapes.

Christine is a local artist who has been working in the medium of vintage paper and book sculpture for the past two years.  This is her first exhibition.

In Store - Malachi by Alister Yiap

Designer Alister Yiap has got it right!  It’s cold! Wrap up and stay warm with his stunning new scarves – well he calls them that.........but the wonderful beaded multi roulade strands of the Velux scarf would pass also as a beautiful neckpiece..... and one might assume to cosy up, you’ve just casually tossed a sweater around your neck with Alister’s take on the Varsity scarf!  Not so, it’s definitely a scarf.......So cool.  Oh hang on , we mean to say......So warm!

And while we’re on Alister, we have a full selection of his Malachi and Lamina collections in store now, including designs styled with his iconic signature crow.  Do check them out soon will the rest of Australia shortly – he’s about to release his ranges nationally......we predict they will love them just as much as we do!
Malachi Collection
Ikarus Feather Pendant & Signature Crow pendant
Rhodium plated sterling silver set with black diamond mimetics

Sunday, June 27, 2010

In The Press - Wire Magazine

From The Wire Magazine in The West Australian 24th June 2010

1.Peter Lang Cocktail Ring $210
3. Frida Silver and Onyx Bracelet $165
4. Chandelier $95
5. Unearthen Bullet Casing and Tourmeline necklace
9. Candle Holder $95

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's a quirky kind of Sale!

It’s a garage sale in the back of house. It’s a little bit daggy. But a little bit good.

Tis full to overflowing - some cheap stuff, some cruddy stuff, some rough stuff, some silly stuff, some odd stuff, some amazing stuff, some stock stuff, some display stuff, stuff that needs a new home – a good one or bad one, we don’t care – but it must must go!!!

“So what happened Monkey? Why the SALE?

“I nearly drowned!” Monkey dramatically whined.

“Huh?” Keeper raised eyebrows, here we go........... “Water was swirling around my little furry ankles, torrents of it pouring through the back door, rising like a muddy whirly tsunami..........”

“Yeah – so that happened to half of Perth..........” Keeper was not known as a sympathetic person.

“Right. I know. Which is why I haven’t whinged before........but then it happened again with that last torrential downpour – everything got wet back of house, I’ve had to clean cupboards, get into store rooms, rescue damaged stock, mop, sweep, dry, it’s been like a wet dream............”

“MONKEY! You can’t say things like THAT..” Keeper was a little bit shocked.

“Like what?” Monkey thought Keeper was a little bit strange, she got angry at silly things.

“Well, it was wet, it was mucky, and it was a lot of hard work for a Monkey.......and now look, all these bits and bobs I found in wet cupboards. I pulled them out, dried them off and I DON’T want to put them back............” Tears ran down her furry face.
Tears of tiredness. Tears of frustration. Say Awwwwww for the Monkey.

“Ok, calm down Monkey, have your garage style SALE in the kitchen and lounge room, and make room for all the fabulous new stock you’ve got coming in...........”

“Well” said Monkey a little sarcastically, “That is what I’m doing Keeper..........”

“But even your display materials Monkey, are you the fabulous black wood angel?”

“Yep Keeper, she gotta fly outa here............”.

And so it was to be. A quirky strange sort of garage style SALE to Adorn Someone Else’s Life!
Short Time Only. Be Monkey Quick.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Look what our clever Designers and Artists are also doing....

Jaime Lee Major has released her debut collection titled Out Of Focus.

Click on the images for a larger view and read the article by Claire Davies as featured in The Sunday Times Magazine on 2nd May 2010.

Rosemount Fashion Week - TRIWA watches

As seen at the Ellery Show: TRIWA watches - available in store!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Say it withFlowers..............

Wonderful creations back in store at Behind the Monkey from the lovely Melbourne based jeweller, Victoria Mason.

Victoria specialises in minature earrings and neckpieces that echo memories of happy childlike surprises -
Her inspiration taken from an old school chair or having the time to sharpen your pencils - a shared cup of tea, or her Grandmother's old tape measure......
and this delightful piece - "Say It With Flowers" - so perfect for Mother's Day....................

See how Victoria made this piece here.......................

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Frida Winter 2010 Jewellery Collection

The Frida Winter 2010 Jewellery Collection is designed and made by West Australian Artists Cath Farrell and sister Jos Myers.
Together they have combined their experience and talent in art and design to create a very original and beautifully crafted jewellery range.
Inspired by the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, it is an eclectic mix of various icons hand drawn and designed, then cast into pendants and charms.Each design is beautifully made with semi-precious stones, sterling silver beads and chain making a unique and bold statement.

In store now.


Behind The Monkey

Is Proud To Present

Limited Edition Collectables - Series 1


Click on the picture for a larger view

Each piece in this newly released Limited Edition Collectables from Frida are available only on a made to order basis with a World Wide Limited Edition run of 50 only.

They will be delivered approximately 4-6 weeks from order and will be accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate from the Artists.

Samples of these designs are now available for viewing in store. Stunning!

Designers background:

Cath Farrell – Visual arts majoring in painting and sculpture. Freelance advertising producer, stylist and painter.

Jos Myers – Accomplished painter having sold paintings both internationally and locally

Sunday, April 25, 2010

In The Press - Wire Magazine

Liberte Sterling Silver Earrings $95 - In Store Now!

Please click on photo for a larger view.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Monkey in the Mountains?

Our very good friend Stephen Hunt has sent us this link to share with you.

Download his amazing life story from this website and plan your own adventure -
and remember, if you get there before Monkey, make sure you say hello to the World for her!!

(She's liking the look of the houseboat.............!)

Alister Yiap - Designer with many layers.

There are many layers to Perth based jewellery designer Alister Yiap; designing jewellery at all different levels from Runway, Commercial to Gallery pieces. Yiap’s latest range titled Lamina uses technology advancement in design, which brings raw product design to consumers direct. With the help of computer aided design (CAD) to print his latest collection in 3D!

Yiap explains "There are specific properties with Jewellery design which unfortunately cannot be hand fabricated. This new process in design has allowed me to explore designs which would be near impossible to make by hand"

This manufacturing technology; commonly known as rapid prototyping takes virtual designs from CAD and transforms them into thin successive layers until the model is complete; where the virtual model and the physical model are identical.
"I’ve had these designs in my visual diary since my University days, I just had no direct access to the technology… until now!"

Manufactured in The Netherlands, the Lamina range comes in two base materials; Bronze infused Stainless Steel and Acrylic photopolymer in colours; Opal White and Charcoal Black. With the additional use of Sterling Silver components and Stainless Steel chain to complement, the range starts from $30 - $150 AUD.

Available in store now.
As featured in The Sunday Times Magazine: Trend Alert.
4. Tic Tac Toe Earrings $99 - available at Behind The Monkey.