Friday, August 27, 2010

In the Press - West Weekend Magazine

 As featured in The West Weekend Magazine 21.08.10 and in Store now......

Stamatea leather fringe necklace $330
Lotta Watch Necklace $250

VK Serpentine Ring $150

Neurotic – a subject of being

Andrew Hayim de Vries recent window exhibition at the store was certainly one that stopped those passing by!

“A story into the continuum”

Rhythmic, exquisitely balanced assemblage sculptures of glass and mixed media sculptures that in the past, in their journey were embraced, loved and treasured.  Being part of a person, a household, a culture, a tradition they were embraced in a union of one or the other, in time, in need , in celebration.

Then in part, discarded, damaged, rejected, lost and forgotten.  Rescued, united, ‘housed’, contained and re-united back into ‘the living space’ with acceptance, of joy, beauty and ‘maybe’ love.

It’s the material.  It’s the subject..........of being.

This exhibition at Behind the Monkey was also the prototype and first of the concept Andrew created -
“Onedashfour” = Art in Shop Front Windows 2010

The project will see a range of local artists participate in individual week-long window exhibitions to be launched each month. 
Watch for these exhibitions to be held in various shop front windows across Perth. 

And................If you missed “Neurotic – the subject of being” check out Andrew’s website
and garagemahal.

Photos Courtesy of Daniel Bruyn

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Photo Shoot.........

Eddie dos Santos, fabulous fashion styler took off with a bag of mixed goodies from Behind the Monkey (Mania Mania, Why Creations and some earthy tribal treasures from the Middle East) and teamed up with the talented photographer Nicole McCluskey  to produce an amazing shoot.

The Monkey just LOVES it!

(Check out the full shoot on Nicole’s archives).

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Long Lost Secrets

Compelled to explore the concept of a wax seal and how it must break apart to reveal a secret, TMOD were inspired to allow the mystery of the Lost City of Atlantis to become a metaphor to demonstrate this.  By unearthing the relics, fossils and treasures of a Continent long lost in ancient history they appear to reveal a hidden past............

 Stunning sterling silver pendants & rings, bracelets beautifully etched with a delicate engraving...... faceted caged gemstones spinning mysteriously....... the emblem of Poseidon’s winged horse that echoes a statue said to stand in the City’s central temple....... a seal on a chain with its own wax to secure your own secret........ a compass to show the way............ the whispers of a shell that speaks stories of the lost but highly advanced civilisation that Plato spoke of as early as 335BC..............’s a secret.........and one you need to make your own......

This beautiful interactive and tactile range of collectable jewellery from the wonderfully creative TMOD team in Sydney is now available in store at Behind the Monkey.

Humanity's Team Update.........

Further to our post back in April about Humanity's Team Oneness Day Petition to the United Nations, here's a little update......

We are delighted to report that well over 50,000 names were achieved, which was the original goal.

Members of The Humanities World Wide team presented the petition to the United Nations in New York in May this year. They are looking forward to an annual Oneness Day being celebrated all around the Earth in the not too distant future..............we’ll keep you updated....

The petition is on-going. 

For further information please visit: