Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Monkey Has A New Cyber Treehouse!!

The Monkey's TOTALLY AWESOME jungle relatives, the LEO Lions, have hunted the internet jungle and pounced upon our new website!
Thanks to all that were keeping up to date here at Blogspot, we have now moved the blog to the website, along with other great content and info. So from here on in, keep up to date with everything from Behind The Monkey at
Hope you swing by.............

Sunday, October 24, 2010

In The Press - Asher Keddie

As seen in the Sunday Times Magazine 24th October.

Stylist: Claire Davies with Amelia D’Orsogna.   Photography: Karin Calvert

Asher Keddie wearing (left) Beth Allen Bracelet $550 and
(right) Moshiko Origami Bracelet with Resin & Sterling Silver $1000
In Store Now……………..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Guy Sebastian Blew it in Style.......................

Guy Sebastian’s redeemed himself and retained a certain cool even after his infamous ‘Blew Me” slip up on X Factor – by wearing a Feather Pendant from Alister Yiap’s Malachi Collection

Friday, October 1, 2010

You can leave your hat on Miranda Green...............Yes...Yes...Yes....

Familiar words penned by Randy Newman and sung by Joe Cocker in those famous gravel tones but............put into practice by Miranda Green.

Behind the Monkey will be hosting a morning tea opening for Miranda on
Saturday 9th October between 10.30am-12.30pm  and all are welcome.

A self taught local West Australian Milliner who produces original designs of truly authentic headwear, Miranda Green is driven by the need to create for its own sake & motivated by the desire to produce items of beauty & integrity. Miranda’s work is highly sought after in Europe and America and she has worked tirelessly on her art form and integrating it into all areas of her life.

After the publishing in 2006 of her own book “A Milliner’s Tale”, Miranda has recently been approached by a Japanese publisher based in Tokyo. Presenting as a 20th Anniversary edition to celebrate the art of Millinery he invited Miranda to be a guest artist in the publication in recognition of her world standard work.  Available in Japan and throughout the world the book “Hats in Japan” has been added to Japanese libraries for the contribution it has made in documenting this fine craft.

Miranda Green’s practice reaches in multifaceted ways outwards and far past the art of hat making with even the photography used in her book being  an extension of her work and integrating emotionally with the creation it displays.  Importantly too, she explains that she strives to be original in design as well as ethical in all her work practices.

“As a business person of the 3rd millennium I have a responsibility to the wider community to act in the interests of all”

And she has, this textile artist is exploring the medium of expression both joyfully and with an inquiring heart by completing the first stage of The Lionheart Project Charity as a receptacle for her works.

The aim is to teach her contemporary millinery craft to Tibetan Refugee’s in India and then to on sell these items into Western markets to fund ongoing ethical workshops in the developing world.

Miranda Green is putting her vision into motion and it is planned that all future designs will be produced through The Lionheart Project. However Behind the Monkey is delighted to showcase a full body of work hand constructed by Miranda herself predominantly in stitched construction and flat pattern design methods. Her magnificent haute couture millinery, with its sculptured shapes, delicious colour combinations, exotic beading and beautifully textured flowers and leaves, will be on show in a stunning window exhibition at the store opening on Saturday 9th October through to Sunday 17th October.

These beautiful hats are fragments of heaven and delicately stitched Objects D’Art and are not to be missed as they will be available to purchase.