Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mania Mania

Melanie Kamsler and Tamila Purvis, co creators of Mania Mania, which is described 
as an intriguing, earthy and moodily beautiful jewellery label by columnist and 
friend Indigo Clarke, have released their 2nd collection ‘DUST’ for Summer 2010.
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and at Garance dore the beautiful Tamila.........

To view the collection visit Behind the Monkey – in store now!

‘Dust’ visits the iconography of ancient Egypt and the evolving aesthetic, mood and music 
of pop deity David Bowie.  Inspirations are derived directly from the icon – 
an image of a young Bowie dressed as a Sphinx in 1969 by photographer Brian Ward, 
the fabled story of how the colour of one eye was changed when he was hit in the eye by a hand 
with a heavy ring, his alleged fascination with Egyptology, aspects of the film ‘Labyrinth’, 
and lyrics from the song ‘Rebel, Rebel’. 
The occult symbolism of eye motifs, hieroglyphics, pyramids and crystal balls transcend and
unexpectedly combine with the candid nature of pop.  

Two short films featuring Bambi Northwood-Blyth and directed by 
Fiona McGee encapsulate the mood and spirit of the collection.

Afterlife Cuff & Perception Bangle

Kingdom Ring & Immortal Ring

In the Press - Mania Mania Bangle

Sunday Times Magazine - Tribal Warrior Feature 26.09.2010

Mania Mania Bangle $390 - In Store

Introducing to Behind the Monkey – Artistic Alloys by Sonya Kelly

Sonya Kelly’s emotive designs are representative of her own individual style 
and her trust in her own creative freedom.
All of her creations come from the heart and echo romanticism, 
leaving the impression that the piece could have been created over a century ago.  
A little piece of dug up treasure, an heirloom in the making.
Sonya has a great passion for pearls and adores giving them a rock and roll edge a
nd loves that her latest collection is a fusion of yesterday and today, 
delving on her personal passion for antique jewellery.
Using only precious metals, diamonds, precious and semi precious gemstones and pearls 
from around the world she is influenced and inspired by nature, life experience, 
the people she meets, antiques, medieval themes, tatoos and fellow artists! 
If Guinevere were alive today she would be adorning herself with Artistic Alloys..........
In store now............


The beautiful and renowned Faberge eggs designed for the last Russian Empress
and gifted to her family and friends are saluted in this magnificent collection
of tiny enamelled locket pendants at Behind the Monkey. 
Named in honour of the original recipients – LouLou and Tatiana are shown here......

Sterling silver or gilted with gold, enamelled in precious jewelled tones and adorned with precious 
stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds and fresh water pearls or marcasites they open to reveal 
a tiny compartment locket.
They are worn either on a long or short chain and can be purchased with a tiny miniature stand for 
ornamental storage.  A new collection has  just arrived in store.

The wonderful Alister Yiap is full of excitement!

At the recent WA Fashion Awards Alister took out the Fine Details Award category!  And to boot he was selected out of 100+ installations as the INSTALLATION AWARD at this year’s ART in BLOOM 2010 and...........there’s more!  A shortlist for the SOYA awards for the Industrial and Object design category.

Big congratulations Alister – well deserved!  Bananas from the Monkey for you! :)

The Malachi and Lamina collections are in store presently and watch out too for Alister’s new fine jewellery range currently in work or check out the WA Maritime Museum and for his exhibition in Beyond Garment.

In The Press - Game On!

Sunday Times Magazine feature by Claire Davies on 12.09.2010.

Peter Lang Ring $139.     Peter Lang Necklace $155.    Ottoman Necklace $255. 

Peter Lang Bangle Set $155.   Peter Lang Earrings $115.   Why Neckpiece $330.

Peter Lang Ring $89.    Ottoman Earrings $135.