Friday, August 27, 2010

Neurotic – a subject of being

Andrew Hayim de Vries recent window exhibition at the store was certainly one that stopped those passing by!

“A story into the continuum”

Rhythmic, exquisitely balanced assemblage sculptures of glass and mixed media sculptures that in the past, in their journey were embraced, loved and treasured.  Being part of a person, a household, a culture, a tradition they were embraced in a union of one or the other, in time, in need , in celebration.

Then in part, discarded, damaged, rejected, lost and forgotten.  Rescued, united, ‘housed’, contained and re-united back into ‘the living space’ with acceptance, of joy, beauty and ‘maybe’ love.

It’s the material.  It’s the subject..........of being.

This exhibition at Behind the Monkey was also the prototype and first of the concept Andrew created -
“Onedashfour” = Art in Shop Front Windows 2010

The project will see a range of local artists participate in individual week-long window exhibitions to be launched each month. 
Watch for these exhibitions to be held in various shop front windows across Perth. 

And................If you missed “Neurotic – the subject of being” check out Andrew’s website
and garagemahal.

Photos Courtesy of Daniel Bruyn

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