Friday, May 21, 2010

It's a quirky kind of Sale!

It’s a garage sale in the back of house. It’s a little bit daggy. But a little bit good.

Tis full to overflowing - some cheap stuff, some cruddy stuff, some rough stuff, some silly stuff, some odd stuff, some amazing stuff, some stock stuff, some display stuff, stuff that needs a new home – a good one or bad one, we don’t care – but it must must go!!!

“So what happened Monkey? Why the SALE?

“I nearly drowned!” Monkey dramatically whined.

“Huh?” Keeper raised eyebrows, here we go........... “Water was swirling around my little furry ankles, torrents of it pouring through the back door, rising like a muddy whirly tsunami..........”

“Yeah – so that happened to half of Perth..........” Keeper was not known as a sympathetic person.

“Right. I know. Which is why I haven’t whinged before........but then it happened again with that last torrential downpour – everything got wet back of house, I’ve had to clean cupboards, get into store rooms, rescue damaged stock, mop, sweep, dry, it’s been like a wet dream............”

“MONKEY! You can’t say things like THAT..” Keeper was a little bit shocked.

“Like what?” Monkey thought Keeper was a little bit strange, she got angry at silly things.

“Well, it was wet, it was mucky, and it was a lot of hard work for a Monkey.......and now look, all these bits and bobs I found in wet cupboards. I pulled them out, dried them off and I DON’T want to put them back............” Tears ran down her furry face.
Tears of tiredness. Tears of frustration. Say Awwwwww for the Monkey.

“Ok, calm down Monkey, have your garage style SALE in the kitchen and lounge room, and make room for all the fabulous new stock you’ve got coming in...........”

“Well” said Monkey a little sarcastically, “That is what I’m doing Keeper..........”

“But even your display materials Monkey, are you the fabulous black wood angel?”

“Yep Keeper, she gotta fly outa here............”.

And so it was to be. A quirky strange sort of garage style SALE to Adorn Someone Else’s Life!
Short Time Only. Be Monkey Quick.

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