Monday, July 12, 2010

Willem Heyneker

One of the Monkey’s favourite jewellers, Willem Heyneker has been a busy artist of late! This beautiful neck piece made from a very old ostrich feather held fast by a shank of gilding metal and sterling silver is just one of Willem’s new collection of tribally inspired adornments. Four feathers were gifted to Willem many years ago by a gypsy friend from the Didicoite tribe in the South of England

Originally the feathers belonged to the Gypsy’s grandmother and now Willem has used them in a new range of designs taking inspiration from the ancient traditions of the tribes of old. Wishing to honour the gift itself and to celebrate the spirit of friendship in which it was given the designs take on a special meaning.

This sculptural exhibition neck piece also features one of the Didicoite feathers and an Emu breastbone dipped and plated with sterling silver and accented with red coral. Sublime!

Willem is also displaying in store the Frame within a Frame series – beautifully hand made framed necklaces made to be worn as a nod to some of the spectacular landscapes of Australian terrain – such as the Bungle Bungles and 80 Mile Beach. When not being worn they are housed in a black frame with velvet surrounds and become a magnificent artpiece for the wall.

But the really really BIG news for Willem – and for WA (he belongs to us!) – is that he has been selected as a finalist in the very prestigious Waterhouse Awards for the stunning Tingles Down My Spine exhibition piece (below) first shown in public by Behind the Monkey last year. It will stand up against national and international entries in the Award finals being held in South Australia on July 16th.

photo credit: Stefan Gossati
Quite Divine!
We wish Willem all the best, we are so excited for him. Well deserved! Be sure to pop into the store soon and check out Willem’s work.

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Jacky said...

stunning work, congratulations to Willem Heyneker