Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Irony Of The Lightbulb Series By Fred Suicide

As featured in the West Weekend magazine, Behind the Monkey is delighted to display a mix of Fred’s smaller Toy Art Sculptures.

About the Series

The light bulb – invented by Humphrey Davy (although some say Thomas Edison) has, through mass world consumption, become a recycling issue in itself.
Fred finds he can breathe a new life into light bulbs that have suicided on the rubbish heap using lego men that have suffered long and hard in the playroom……..such a bright idea!

About The Artist

perth – western australia

(born in Sydney; raised in Lebanon, Fred Suicide left Tripoli to study abroad at the age of 18 and after living in Sweden and California, settled in Perth six years ago.)

Fred has been experimenting with the amazing art form of transforming and sculpturing used and discarded toys after switching career paths from engineering a few years back. He has no formal art training but has adapted the skills learnt over the years while studying engineering to create his artworks.

Fred’s toys reflect Australia’s recycling culture. He has spent hours at the tip, at garage sales and can often be found in an op-shop on the fringes of Perth looking for pieces of Lego and other toys that have been rejected by past owners. In a dedicated quest to reuse and re-invent he will often go to the lengths of mixing his own epoxy from discarded glues – or melting down the wax from cheese wheels – using springs from watches, a head from a dinosaur with the hair from a Barbie………so wonderfully weird they play with your head!

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