Tuesday, November 11, 2008


“It should be a jungle.”
“Nah…doesn’t matter….trees is trees….jungle, forest, what’s the difference?”
“The difference dear sweet Keeper…is that jungles have monkeys, forests have woodland fairies, bambis and the like….it should be a jungle!”
“Yeah, but Christmas doesn’t really happen in a jungle”.
“How do you know?”
“I know these things – that’s why I’m the Keeper. And besides I say it’s a forest. A Christmas forest, so that’s how it is.”

Sulks in the air. Sits on keester. Sulks some more.

“Aww come on Monkey” speaking gently now, cajoling almost cooing…. “It looks so beautiful – everything isn’t always about you. Christmas should be about all things….come have a look.”

Takes Monkey’s hand and pulls gently. Persuasively. Monkey reluctantly from underneath brow looks at the window with breath held tight.

“I guess it looks ok”.

Monkey 2 – the creative spark and Monkey 3 – the sparkly Gem smiled. “It’s magic” they whispered to each other.

Monkey explored. There are tiny reindeers on a twig blossomed rainbow dancing in miniature. A golden plum puddin’ tree (yes they really do exist). Travel your eyes across the gold brick wall with precious pebbles on dried lotus and rose pourri embracing gold dusted gems, jewellery and ornaments to Adorn Thyself! A baby bambi with white spots and a magic tree necklace protected by a massive Prancer (Oh Deer!) cross dressed underneath huge masculine antlers with brass chandelier earrings….(well it can happen at Christmas time!)…and the woodland faerie…twigs and blossoms and some sort of Christmas shine with tulle covered wings……

All ready to transport you dear shopper into a wonderland of Christmas!

Come See.
Come See.
Come See.

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