Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The 2009 Story - Chapter 3.



“Red Shoes, red shoes, red shoes...............” Monkey was a –singing.
“Shurrup Monkey”. Keeper was such a bore.

“No, Keeper...” Monkey lectured back. “They are a-coming. For to Adorn Thy Wall.”
Keeper frowned the question back.

“There’s an exhibition a-hanging on Wednesday 11th March 6-9pm and then for 2 weeks following. I guess we’ll serve some red cordial for me (the Monkey) and some red something else for the someone elses and I’m going to wear some red shoes so I can look the part....”

“What someone elses...?”

“The elses that we are inviting here.”

“I’m not wearing red shoes, I don’t do dress ups”

“Nor do the elses have to. They just come and look at red shoes and drink red stuff”.

“We doing shoes now?”
“Yep, 70 or more of them – wonderful works of art, embroidered in the finest of detail – everything from a Victorian slipper to a pair of sneakers, the lady artist is a little crazy for red shoes eh???”

“.............a little crazy............”

“.............that too, she talks like me...........”


“aww Keeper.....they really are divine – art in stitchery – red stitchery of course! Silk, cotton, viscose, a titch of wool – a wee splash of gold, a deftness of needle - straight stitch, cross, running, stem, mosaic, button hole and some stitches she invented herself!”


“Judy Cornuel – the red shoe specialist. She’s a bit of a red person. The pope wears red walking shoes and Judy supposes even Julius Caesar was wearing a pair when assassinated by Brutus and Mark Anthony. They did it because they coveted his red sandals! The colour matched his purple toga – he was a fashionista of the forum!”
“You’re mad – too much coffee on Beaufort Street, Monkey’s must be allergic!”
“No, no, she told me so! Judy says red is a powerful and positive colour and every elses need a pair of red shoes. They desire it. They have to have them. The higher the heel the better – can make one taller – red high heels used to be associated with “ladies of the night”, but now everyelse should have a pair.”

Monkey drops voice to an intriguing whisper.

“Waiting at the ready to be worn, be they court, sandals, flatties, boots or even an old faithful slipper. How daring (emphasis in loud whisper to the word “daring”), to don a red patent knee high boot and top the outfit with a long leather coat to the edge of the heel................how many have dreamed that scenario?...............”(long pause for effect)..............

”perhaps even worn it like that?................” Monkey’s eyes went a bit misty, voice dropping low;

was Monkey losing the plot?

“Monkey, Monkey, Monkey............do get a grip...........!”

“Well, (indignant tone) if you’re too scared to wear a pair Keeper, you can still have some red shoes – hang them on your wall and get lost in your own story!” Snapping back into regular Monkey mode.

Keeper thought for a moment, she preferred misty....

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