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The 2009 Story. LiveLoveLaugh: Behind the Table

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A book signing event of Live Love Laugh

on Saturday May 9 from 10am to 2pm,

to be launched by Paralympics’ Gold medallist, Priya Cooper O.A.M.

(Monkey definitely wants her autograph)
The three authors, Michelle Ferry, Janette Philp and Terri Gibbs will be on hand to meet readers at the free pre-Mothers’ Day book signing event (Monkey is in awe of these three ladies).

Pink refreshments including cupcakes and lemonade will be served to complement the book’s eye-catching design. (Monkey wants a taste).

Each book purchased on the day will not only raise a $5 donation for Breast Cancer Foundation of Western Australia, but will include a $300 photo shoot and print gift certificate from book sponsor, Viva Photography. (Monkey is really a top model waiting to be discovered so shall use this with glee)

According to the three Perth professionals who have co-written this inspirational new book, Live Love Laugh, there is a simple prescription for getting more out of life. Their book is packed with practical tips to help readers shake off negative habits and routines and live life to the full and has been praised by international speakers and coaches including Cyndi O’Meara and Pat Mesiti for its inspiring yet practical approach. (n.b. Monkey also recommends bananas and high ropes)

Goal-setting, expressing emotions, physical wellbeing and financial attitudes are just some of the topics covered in the eye-catching hot pink guide, which retails for $19.95.

So indulge yourselves in a pink morning and Live Love and Laugh.
(Oh and Monkey says to bring your Mum).

About The Authors

Collectively Michelle, Janette and Terri are dedicated to the success and longevity of writing the Live Love series.

Their backgrounds, natural talents and abilities have synergised together to create a powerful formidable triangle. Their skills encompass the understanding of writing, speaking, promoting, marketing, mentoring and inspiring their target market.

They realise the commitment, challenge and the dedication required to not only survive but to thrive in this industry.


Michelle’s personal life had come to a ‘glorious’ standstill. She stood amidst the achievements of her life-goals now reached. However, she felt passionless, stuck and without further purpose.

Michelle’s experiences and drive to buy, build and sell businesses, along side her husband while bringing up a family of three daughters, has been invaluable to the Three LLL’s. Michelle is already a successful published author after writing a beautiful photographic yet practical coffee table book, ‘The Lawn Book.’. This was an extension of one of their businesses at the time with Jim’s Mowing WA as Franchisor. Her book was considered by industry experts as the best and most informative books on lawns. Through her innovative marketing she sold her 1st print run of 5,000 books, though requested, she has not reprinted due to moving on to other ventures.

Michelle’s business experiences include opening a boutique of Australian top designer labels, a commercial food service business and ‘Speakers Corner’, a business where she primarily promoted their data base of national speakers and marrying them to businesses that required a specific speaker.

Her creative side was fed by her love of acting and amateur theatre. With her usual approach to life and innate tenacity she has yet again metamorphosed to another stage. Throughout this journey Michelle learnt and understood the magnificent power that comes with being able to take small steps in her daily life to achieve personal growth.

This was the beginning of her involvement with what would become Three LLL’s Success. For as long as Michelle can remember, she has filled her filing cabinets with stories she has written. The literary art flows in a vision of beautiful yet empowering words. She is able through her writing to take the reader with her on their own journey of small daily actions for powerful results.

It is Michelle’s hands-on life experiences which gives her the privilege to love her life to the utmost while she enthuses those around her.


Janette understands that life is too short to sit around waiting for something to happen. This is why she has been inspired to travel from Capetown to Casablanca and from Las Vegas to Lisbon while exploring all the niches of the globe.

An achiever and an adventurer, Janette gained her Private Pilots licence at forty and trekked the Kokoda Track at fifty.

Janette, a wife and mother of two daughters and a son, is not afraid to work, rest and play. At the same time she dedicaties her life to inspiring those around her to make their dreams come true with her attitude “There are only two times in life, Now and Too Late.”

Janette’s life experiences are varied;

Business – Owning and managing a variety of small businesses - arming her with skills to understand customer service, promotion and project development.

Achievement - Toastmasters champion in New Zealand - ability to speak and articulate with professionalism, which continues to serve during her monthly coaching meetings, engaging and inspiring her clients to action.

Property Investment - Buying, Renovating, Subdividing and Selling properties.

Personal – Sky Diving, White Water Rafting, Fire Walking on hot coals and bare handed Board Breaking splitting 10mm pine planks.

Janette’s wonderful uplifting ‘go get it’ attitude has been mirrored in her writing of Live Love Laugh.

Through her coaching and mentoring program, Janette was loved for inspiring, motivating and at times doing what ever it took to bring the best out in her clients. Her coaching experiences have helped Three LLL’s develop the ‘take action’ style for Live Love Laugh. Janette pours her heart and soul into supporting others in achieving success in their lives. She believes in people and encourages setting goals and taking action to accomplish.

Janette has been inspired to write, in an effort to impact more people’s lives. Whether she is coaching or writing she comes from a passionate heart which our readers will feel.

Janette’s philosophy is that belief in yourself and others is vital for Living, Loving and Laughing through life.


Terri was driving her car home from work one afternoon when she decided to end it all and drive into a tree. She put her foot on the accelerator, as a voice in her head said ‘you’re so stupid you won’t even be able to do this right’.

This was a defining moment realising she couldn’t go on living like this.

She became a seminar junky and found out along the way it wasn’t the massive things she tried to introduce into her life it was the seemingly small changes on a day by day basis that made the most profound difference.

Terri has always defined her writing life as the ‘Chapter 2 girl’ having started many projects, stories and books since her early twenties. However together with her husband Steve, she compiled and wrote ‘Memories of Ferguson’ a local history book in 2002.

Terri, mother of two daughters and a son, owned her own Bridal boutique where she learnt much about developing, promoting and marketing products and services. A decade in Retail Floor Management with a strong visual merchandising, promoting and marketing bias has given her invaluable skills for understanding her target market, their needs, wants and desires. Start with knowing the customer; create their need, and designing your outcome with their solution in mind.

Terri has been involved in Wealth Coaching for the past four years, although drawing from her passed experiences she is also a trained NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master. During this time Terri was involved in writing a chapter in the book ‘Millionaire in Training’ in 2006. Terri has been instrumental in developing coaching programs that she uses today. The client’s weekly tasks have been an ongoing refining process to bring out their potential and empower them to take action. This knowledge has been useful in the development of Live Love Laugh.

Terri finds the public speaking side of her coaching very rewarding. She has enjoyed being a crew team member for Chris Howard particularly on ‘Platform and Presentation Skills Trainings’ of which she is a graduate.

Live Love Laugh is a reflection of her passion for personal development and living an inspired life.

About Priya Cooper

Priya is 32 years old and hails Perth. Born with cerebral palsy, Priya began swimming at a young age for therapy and later realised her potential as a competitor. It was not until 1991, whilst competing at a school carnival, she was approached to represent Western Australia. Priya competed for the first time in the National Wheelchair Games winning a staggering nine gold medals.

With the hours of long, hard training Priya went success to success, winning 3 gold and 2 silver medals, and breaking two world records and three Paralympic records at the Barcelona Paralympics in 1992. This was her first international competition. Priya won the most medals of any Australian athlete at the Games, and as a result was given the honour of carrying the flag for Australia at the closing ceremony. On arriving back in Australia she was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for her services to sport, and became an Australia Day Ambassador.

Priya then set her sights on the World Swimming Championships in Malta in 1994. Priya competed in five events, won 5 gold medals and set 4 world records as well as captaining the Australian team.

The lead up to the 1996 Paralympic Games in Atlanta saw Priya compete in 1995 in the Pre-Paralympic Swimming trials in Atlanta winning eight gold medals in eight events and setting one world record. These results focused much attention on her for the subsequent Paralympic Games in 1996

At the 10th Paralympic Games in Atlanta, Priya led the charge for Australia winning 5 gold medals, 1 silver and 1 bronze medal, as well as setting three world records and five Paralympic records. Far exceeding her efforts in Barcelona four years earlier. She was also ed to captain the entire Australian Paralympic team, and once again won the highest number of medals of any Australian athlete.

In 1988 Priya competed in the British National Swimming Championships and won 4 gold medals, a bronze medal, and set a world record.

In 1999 Priya was named Young Australian of the Year for Sport, winning the award over other major sporting stars such as Pat Rafter and Ian Thorpe who were also finalists in the Sports category of this prestigious award.

Priya spent almost two years in Sydney prior to Sydney 2000 Paralympics to concentrate on her training and lifelong goal of winning gold for her country, in her country, at the Sydney 2000 Paralympics. Despite recovering major shoulder surgery, Priya achieved her aim and in October 2000 won a gold medal in the 400m Freestyle and three bronze medals in other events.

Priya has a degree in Health Promotion and Journalism Curtin University of W.A, and is very involved in public speaking. She has addressed major corporate and government conferences and events in Fiji, Sydney, Canberra, Hobart, Gold Coast, Cairns, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. She is an excellent motivational speaker whose presentation titled 'Success is A Choice' reminds us that any dream, large or small, personal or corporate, can come true with the strength of sheer determination. Her presentation often elicits standing ovations audiences.

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