Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The 2009 Story Chapter 1

The 2009 Story
Chapter One - Yey Yey, it's New Year!

“Yey Yey its New Year! 2009 will be full of Splendid Happenings and bursting with Special Moments!”

“Keeper wake up! Did you hear? Bountiful Wonderfuls are coming hurling through the Universe!”

“Monkey calm down – it does after all happen once a year – a week after every Christmas…..”

Sarcasm filled the air. Didn’t make a bit of difference however to the Monkey.

“This ones different!”

“How so?”

“This one ends in a 9”.


Questions ignored. Enthusiasm continues. Keeper thinks about the number 9.

“Lotta things happening you know?” Keeper groans at Monkey’s pun as our lovely designer Lotta walks in the door

“How’s my reinvented watch jewellery selling Monkey?”

“Selling lotta of it”……giggles, jumps around the shop. Lotta groans. Monkey ignores. Continues on babbling wildly as Lotta asks what else is happening…………

“Super Super …………..Sampler.”


“In The Cracked Gallery – Super Super Sampler. Yolanda Stapleton from Onetrickpony has assembled a group of local lomographers who have millions (slight exaggeration but it’s over 250) of images shot with the supersampler camera.”

“Good – then I’ll come for opening drinks on Wednesday Jan 14th from 7pm” (see invite below) Keeper seemed pleased about that.

Gotta go!” screamed Monkey

“Hey, before you do, let’s throw a big thank you out to everyone for their support this Christmas and over the whole of 2008. To all our friends, clients, suppliers and designers it’s been an absolute pleasure and we wish you well……………….”

Monkey interrupts………

“Yep, may all the Splendid, Bountiful, Abundant Happenings swing your Wonderful Way!!!!”

“P.S…. that’s times 9 of course!”

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