Friday, January 30, 2009

The 2009 Story Chapter 2 - monkeySHINE


“Did you know the Archduke Maximillian of Austria presented Mary of Burgandy.......”
“Who? What? You’re gabbling Monkey......!” said Keeper.
“Let me finish!” (Monkeys can get quite indignant). Proceeds to drop voice. Becomes almost humanoid......
“The Archduke Maximillian.....” Pauses for effect. Remains silent for further effect....then continues with a teacher’s expression.
“Presented Mary of Burgundy with a diamond and had it made into the most splendid of rings to proclaim his eternal love for her in 1477...”
“Yeah? So?”
“Well....” Sighs like a teacher does in front of an exasperating class....
“...creating with this deed a trend for lovers that indeed in itself would last an eternity....”
Keeper looks, says nothing. Shakes head and quizzically lifts shoulders.
“Well that’s why the Diamond has become a Stone of Eternity.” Still Keeper is silent.
“Well that’s why it’s the most revered and romantic of all the sparkling gems......and SHINES a light into the Lovers hearts......oh........
“.......and that’s why I want to introduce you to Laura......”
Monkey drags Laura in front of Keeper.
“Hi, there Keeper – what Monkey is trying to tell you is that I am a highly experienced Diamond consultant and to celebrate Valentine’s Day I am presenting a beautiful exhibition and sale of loose diamond stones at 6pm Tuesday 10th February . It will be here at Behind the Monkey, featuring the SHINE of Origin Australia (TM) Diamonds – all at industry prices.”
“Fantastic!” Keeper was delighted. “We’ll offer a glass of’s a given to go with diamonds!” Finally she understood the MonkeySpeak.
“Well, they’ll be beautiful Whites, Champagne, Cognac and Yellows guaranteed from the Argyle Mine – and some sourced from world suppliers specialising in loose diamonds.....”
“It will be a special and sparkle arkly evening!” cried Monkey interrupting.....
“Baker&Schundlar are dressing The Cracked Gallery with their beautiful silver dusted baroque furniture, Pollen Nation are supplying a white orchid flower art vase.....clients can do a meander and a wander around the gallery and store and soak up a bit of romance! I might even get MARRIED!”
“No Way! Monkey – I can’t have two of you...”

“Who said I would marry a Monkey......?” Monkey looked sideways at Laura.

“Hmmmmmmmm.....” said Laura – “I’ve got to go – but tell everyone I’m available by appointment for private viewings the week of the 6/2 -13/2 too if they like – I can offer advice on buying, choosing, replacing and setting stones as well as recommending specialists regarding design and custom settings......and I’ll see you, little Monkey on the 10th February!”
“Oh goody,” said Monkey – “a whole WEEK OF DIAMONDS!”

*Monkey bursts into song*

“Hush my lover, don’t say a word
The shop down the road has a mocking bird
And if that mocking bird don’t moan
The Monkey’s gonna show you a diamond stone
And you’ll see how that diamond stone will SHINE
And then the monkey will make you mine...........................
...............for eternity”

“Monkey, she’s gone.....she’s not listening......get back to work you old romantic!”

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