Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bluebird Vintage flies into Behind The Monkey

Popping up in The Cracked Gallery at Behind the Monkey –

Bluebird Vintage

Deborah Dickson and Steven Price, collectors of all manner of vintage object d'art and fashion, met whilst doing a Fine Arts degree at Curtin but found a mutual love of custard pies and black lady lamps, so spent the days skipping tutes and sneaking off to op-shops!

They still do the same thing now, except on planes to other parts of the world fossicking for unusual junk and treasures. Deb has been working in the antique scene for years, and managed the iconic Dr Russell’s Emporium in Highgate until they closed last year.

Now this creative pair has newly formed their own inspiring retail venture,

Bluebird Vintage

and it pops up for a limited time in

The Cracked Gallery whilst they establish their own bricks & mortar store, due to open early March.

Deborah and Steve love vintage decor and the nostalgic warmth it adds to contemporary interiors, especially the 60’s & 70’s where no matter how funky and stylised it became, it still remained organic and charming. From the atomic style of the early 60’s, to the wild 70’s bohemia, the Jet-age bringing inter-continental travel to the world and then the world travelling back into the living room. Asian and African inspired prints, bright colours and textures, Pop –Arty post-modernism and crazy kitsch.

The Bluebird Vintage team love the little trips these inanimate objects take – how a Bakelite phone in a London bank ends up at an Algerian flea market, or an Art Deco clutch purse from the local Salvos gets to go to the Logies...............

Preview the world of Bluebird Vintage in a wonderful retail installation room at

The Cracked Gallery
Behind the Monkey
479 Beaufort St, Highgate 92277886

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