Friday, February 19, 2010

MANIAMANIA: Real Life Awaits you...........

Launching over the summer 09/10, MANIAMANIA is a jewellery label
by stylist Tamila Purvis and art director Melanie Kamsler.

Working together behind the pages at Russh Magazine for over three years,
the pair developed their collaborative chemistry and mutually spirited visual language.

By pooling their extensive professional experience in styling, graphic design and art
with their love of vintage jewellery, MANIAMANIA is their love child.

Drawing inspiration from history and mystery over a range of eras, muses, music and places, MANIAMANIA’s aesthetic continually evolves.
As a label it cohesively unites niche influences into a contemporary cult collection,
which respects the notion of adornment as personal, intimate and primal.

‘Real Life Awaits Us’ is MANIAMANIA’s first comprehensive collection.
In the form of luxe handmade treasure, sterling silver and oxidized brass meet with Calcite, Harlequin Quartz and Tibetan Quartz crystals
across a range of rings, cuffs, amulets, neck pieces and earrings.

Initially inspired by the film ‘The Holy Mountain (1973)’,
the collection is a rich synthesis of Mesoamerican iconography,
geology, 1970’s handicrafts, shamanism and magic, creating a range of
new-worldly forms packaged in a soft, bone coloured leather pouch.

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